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Welcome to Mt Hutt Lime

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About Us

Mt Hutt Lime, locally owned with the highest quality dry lime in Mid Canterbury

We supply a wide range of Aglime and dairy track from three quarries in the Methven/Mt Somers area. We're focused on delivering a quality product and test our product regularly to ensure we are delivering the right grade.

We have four different types of agricultural limestone available.
For a lower cost product with faster and slower releasing limes to change the speed you want the PH to rise. These range from a damp lime to an extremely dry lime for applications on windier days and also, an extremely fine to slightly more coarse product to change speed of reactions.

Dry Lime

Dry Lime has a lower moisture content than normal AgLime


Dairy Track Lime

Track lime is used principally for the formation of dairy tracks and roads

(here is where the basalt road info will go)


High Grade Alford Lime

Mt Hutt Lime High-grade quality limestone


Lower Grade Ag Lime

Ag Lime is ground limestone used principally for the correction of soil acidification

Mt Hutt Lime Quality & Effectivness

Summary of results from sample taken on 11/12/2023 Report by Eurofins


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